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Don't reinvent the wheel. We did the heavy lifting for you so you can skip the fundamentals, save time and money, and focus on your digital asset application.

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Real Time Architecture

Using a messaging protocol called MQTT, our SDK ensures that your application is always updated with live data.

Performant & Battery Efficient

Our MQTT architecture enables high performance and battery efficiency. Build extremely responsive, low latency applications. In addition, our solution is resilient in bad network areas.

Account & Contact Management

Create & share unlimited accounts of any supported digital asset. Add and remove contacts, share accounts, and send transactions on any blockchain frictionlessly.

Web Broswer

Allow users to enjoy a Web based companion to their mobile experience. Send/Receive transactions from the web browser without compromising key security. Transactions get confirmed through the app to provide seamless 2FA experience.

Offline Functionality

All account & transaction data is cached on your local device. Hence, all your data is accessible without an internet connection.

Security & Backup

Best-in-class hardware security to encrypt private keys. Encryption keys are generated locally using trusted hardware. Software encrypt keys for self-custody and automatic backup.

Build a Better User Experience

User experience is a high priority for modern day products. Our responsive architecture enables you to focus your time on business logic, user interface design and customer acquisition instead of optimizing your technology stack.


Integrate our native Swift & Kotlin API calls into any mobile application quickly.


Take advantage of our powerful technology stack. Real-time, performant, and expandable functionality.


Securely authenticate users using JWTs. All user generated accounts are encrypted on device and before backup.


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Developer Docs

Check out Abstrakt’s SDK Documentation to get a sense of how you could integrate and deploy our API’s to meet your end to end solution needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Abstrakt's SDK and how do I use it?

Abstrakt's SDK is the easiest interface to any blockchain. Our frictionless software solution enables you and your company to build blockchain products with the best user experience. We have solved all your headaches that come with hosting nodes, running servers, implementing security and debugging open source code for you. Instead of wasting time and resources, you can focus on your product and customers.

Why use Abstrakt's SDK instead of building your own solution with open source software?

Abstrakt's SDK will save you 8-12 months of development time. With open source solutions you still have to build, maintain & debug a lot of code, something that is often overlooked. In addition, our technology is not available in any open source alternatives. As a technology company first, we built a modern architecture that scales with your business. Our solution is 20x more efficient and 50x faster than competition so you can build the best product for your customers. Learn more about our technology here.

Can Abstrakt's innovative technology be leveraged by existing FinTech services to upgrade their architecture?

Yes, our modular design supports migration of existing applications to our real-time, efficient architecture. Existing financial applications can optimize their user experience by using our MQTT client and backend technology. With our architecture:

  • You can reduce server bandwidth costs because mobile apps will only be sent new transaction data and updates.

  • Improved user experience. - Previously sent data is cached on the user device for instantaneous access even if user is offline.

  • Users can access your services in bad network areas because of MQTT efficiencies.

  • Learn more about MQTT here.

What is the difference between an SDK and API?

APIs are very popular these days. They are a request-response interface for your program to interact with another program/service. An SDK (Software Development Kit)  is a set of tools that has pre-built functions and optimizations in addition to the interface. SDKs simplify development further so developers doesn't need to re-write extra code. Abstrakt's SDK has a powerful set of features that enable you and your company create the highest performance product. We provide real-time connections to a blockchain, hardware security and much more.

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  • Up to 100 free wallets
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  • Best effort support


All the functionality, auto scaling, and enterprise support.

  • As low as $0.025 per user/month
  • Enterprise SLA Support
  • Access to all features
  • No setup fee
  • Integration Support
  • Dedicated Slack Channel


Accelerate your development and own the entire code base for a one time fee.

  • Own a copy of the entire code base
  • Knowledge transfer to your team
  • Access to all features
  • No setup fee
  • Integration Support
  • Dedicated Slack Channel
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