We Have Your Digital Asset APIs

We built infrastructure so you don’t have to. Our frictionless solution enables you to create digital asset products with the best user experience. Don’t host your own nodes or build your own key management again.

Plug & Play

Our software development kit is plug & play. We made it easy for your developers to integrate digital assets into your products quickly. Don't worry about setting up infrastructure and managing it yourself.

Time to Market

Save more than 8-12 months of development time and costs. Instead of building your product & robust infrastructure, focus your product. Your customers deserve it! 

Our team of experts have spent the past year optimizing our technology to deliver the best user experience for you.


Security is our highest priority. We are using cutting edge hardware and software encryption to protect your assets. We are vigilant of the threat landscape and keeping your product secure.

Modern Technology

Performance & efficiency is in our DNA. Our real-time technology is architected to scale your product globally. Our solution is 20x faster on average than REST APIs.

Power Your Stablecoin & Banking Application

Integrate Digital Assets into your Existing Application

Build Trading, Supply Chain, Gaming, Reward Program products.

Vault Wallet is powered
by Abstrakt

See our technology in action yourself. Vault Wallet is a digital asset wallet built utilizing our software development kit (SDK). Our technology enables Vault Wallet to deliver a great user experience while maintaining security.

Software Development Kit

Our SDK has everything you need to build a high performance mobile app for digital assets.

  • Connect to public and private blockchains in real-time
  • Create and manage accounts
  • Share contacts and send transactions

Developer Docs

Check out Abstrakt’s SDK Documentation to get a sense of how you could integrate and deploy our API’s to meet your end to end solution needs.

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